How to use TANYX

Tanyx can help in

joint pain

Joint Pains , Osteoarthritis , Bursitis , Displacements and Sprains.

chronic pain

Chronic , Acute Pain relief and Symptomatic treatment

lower body pain

Pain in the body and lower extremities

abdominal pain

Visceral Abdominal Pain

menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps (Dysmenorrhea)

nerve pains

Back and Sciatic Nerve Pains

Do not use on these areas

where not to use

Hear From Our Experts

Dr. Ravi Shankar

Dr. Ravi Shankar

Tanyx is acarefully designed device for all chronic/muscle pain issues which is certifiedby the leading health agencies. I will definitely recommend Tanyx to everyoneundergoing pain.

Dr. Jatin Ahuja

Dr. Jatin Ahuja

Tanyx is apowerful device for people with mild to severe pain issues. It acts as a goodsupplement to my existing treatment for patients. Definitely a worthy product.

Dr. Shailja

Dr. Shailja, Physiotherapist

Tanyx is apromising product for all body pain relief needs. Tens, a globally renowned technologyis recommended by doctors. Tanyx help people to have a session anytime,anywhere.

Dr. Aparna

Dr. Aparna, Gynaecologist

I ampractising gynaecologist for past 11 years. I highly recommend Tanyx formenstruation cramps. It is clinically proven with international certifications. It helps people to get reliefnaturally.


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TANYX Proeffect Portable TENS Machine

Tanyx is a portable tens machine that is US-FDA authorized and uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. It is a lightweight, portable machine for pain relief that uses low-voltage electric currents to lessen discomfort. In order to help the patient feel less pain, it creates electrical muscle stimulation into the body. These electrical signals is thought to control pain via interfering with the neural transmission of pain to the brain (Gate Control Theory), and/or enhancing the release of natural chemicals substances. These substances reduce pain which are normally produced by the body (Endorphin Theory), increasing circulation and proven in relaxing the muscles causing a local paraesthesy. This helps endorphins execute their therapeutic work more effectively.

With adjustable intensity levels. TANYX portable tens machine adapts to your unique needs. Whether you're dealing with muscle soreness and chronic pain. This portable tens machine offers a tailor-made solution to suit your preferences. Allowing you to continue your daily activities while enjoying the benefits of non-invasive pain relief. Say goodbye to bulky, inconvenient pain relief solutions – TANYX portable tens machine brings you relief in a sleek, travel-friendly package.

Usage : These silica-based, drug-free gel pads that adhere to the body are designed to be used for 30 sessions totaling 20 minutes each before being discarded. This portable tens machine is supported by more than eight years of intensive research and top international certifications including as USFDA, ANVISA BRAZIL, CE, and UL.

Where to use

This machine for pain relief can be applied to painful areas including the arms, legs, shoulders, or belly to ease menstrual cramp pain. It relieves persistent bodily problems like arthritis, knee, low back, weariness, shoulder, and neck pain. Additionally, it controls blood flow, generates warmth, and maintains the functioning of the joints.
This is an incredibly portable tens machine and doesn't need any medical assistance to use. In fact, there are no issues with using TANYX while performing any type of physical or everyday activity, provided the device is securely fixed to prevent releasing.

A safe alternative : There is no chance of an overdose of medication with this machine for pain relief . However, 20-minute sessions are usually sufficient for muscle relaxation. You can take it for however long you want to or as directed by your doctor. The given analgesic effect may remain for hours, and the machine may be used repeatedly if the pain reappears without potential risks. It can even be used by children aged 11 or older may use TANYX, a portable tens machine, if they don't feel uneasy or exhibit any reactions while receiving therapy.

Adjustable Intensity Levels : The Tanyx portable tens machine comes with three intensity levels that are easily adjustable with the help of the Low, Medium, and High buttons. This portable tens machine allows users to control the intensity. This customization ensures that users can tailor the therapy to their specific needs and comfort levels.

Non-Invasive : The TANYX Portable Tens Machine is non-invasive, meaning it does not require needles or medications. Users simply attach electrodes to their skin, reducing the risk of side effects or complications associated with other pain management methods.


Tanyx is a low-cost, disposable machine for pain relief that doesn't have any negative side effects, making it a safer option than painkillers. This portable tens machine delivers impactful organic pain relief. It also works well for easing muscle cramps, weakness, and exhaustion. Tens machine is basically a smart machine for pain relief that is ideal for home use. Simply lay the pads on the muscles that need to be stimulated, and the machine will do the job. It is a portable tens machine that is simple to operate, unlike the other wellness complex devices. In order to effectively use it, users must select the appropriate configuration. Latest technology Comparatively speaking, the TENS machines of today are portable and compact. This machine for pain relief can be kept close to your desk in a drawer or carried around in a backpack. This portable tens machine is far more convenient to use than other pain relief tools like massagers or inversion tables. It can be used multiple times before the battery dies. TANYX is genuinely the single self-applicable, disposable and cheap TENS. The method of this machine for pain relief relies on using sensory level stimulation techniques to reduce pain.

For better results

This tens technology has a wide range of applications, but for the maximum outcomes, only one body part should be treated at a time. The revolutionary machine for pain relief, TANYX has many advantages. With no negative side effects, one can reduce pain by using this tool, which is also a highly portable tens machine.