About Us

A trusted pain relief device

Are you looking for a more effective pain relief alternative than your typical, time-consuming, costly, and exhausting regimen? Are you searching for a portable gadget that you can take with you everywhere you go? a readily available piece of equipment that provides immediate relief after 20 minutes of use? If so, you've come to the correct place. Anyone enduring discomfort can rely on Tanyx to provide significant pain relief. It is a disposable electrode that is portable and reasonably priced as well. Since Tanyx doesn't have any toxicities, it is a wiser choice than medications. Through the stimulation of certain electrical signals, it can aid in the reduction and alleviation of pain. To ease the discomfort , this device can be applied to the troublesome areas of the arms, legs, shoulders, or abdomen.

Your body pain solution

Majority of people experience pain on a regular basis. In fact, most of us wait until it flares up before visiting a doctor and shelling out hundreds of rupees. Tanyx will do the work you want- precisely, affordably, and without fuss, allowing you a session in the comfort of your home. This tool is simple to operate and doesn't need a physician's monitoring. These silica-based, drug-free gel pads that adhere to the body are designed to be used for 30 sessions totaling 20 minutes each before being discarded.