How To Use TANYX - The Best Physiotherapy Machine For Home

how to use tanyx the best physiotherapy machine for home

How To Use Tanyx - The Best Physiotherapy Machine For Home

Physiotherapy TENS machine is all about transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is counted as the best physiotherapy machine to use at home. TANYX is a popular TENS based machine that is a widely used method for treating acute and chronic pain in different parts of the body. It works on the principle of sending pulsed electrical currents throughout the skin's surface to activate peripheral nerves. It may be a helpful auxiliary to support participation in exercise and regular activities of life as it lessens discomfort. TANYX is a self-administered physical treatment which is highly affordable, secure, and effective. It is surely among the best physiotherapy machines to use at home with minimum doctor’s supervision. Furthermore, it can be utilized to minimize persistent bodily aches like arthritis, knee pain, lower back pain, weariness, neck pain and the list goes on.

Effective means to apply TANYX

  • Wipe away oil and dirt from the skin's application area then let it air dry. Trim extra hair, if required, for maximum retention.
  • Removing and discarding the Electrode Gel Pad Sticker is required before turning on the device.
  • A gel pad must be attached to each electrode on the machine.
  • Till the charge is drained; this Electrode Gel Pad will stay in place.
  • The Reusable Gel Pad Sticker (Protection) should be removed and saved.
  • TANYX must be placed to the specific area and pressed hard on both sides to ensure it sticks to the body.
  • ON: Press and hold the button until the indicator light begins to flash. Then, select the level by pressing the corresponding button for L (Low), M (Medium), or H (High).
  • OFF: Hold the button while pressing it until the indicator signal ends blinking.
  • Both hands must be used to slowly pull the device up to remove it. Check to make sure the Electrode Gel Pad doesn't come away from the machine.
  • A reusable gel pad sticker (Protection) must be placed on each gel pad that you have placed aside.
  •  TANYX machine must be kept within the blister pack for the next use. 

Precautions to be taken while using TANYX

  • Open wounds, inflamed skin, and breasts should not be treated with this.
  • Tanyx must not be placed over the carotid artery and on the forehead and face (side region of the neck).
  • This TENS machine cannot be used in areas where metal prostheses are present.
  • Though it is the best physiotherapy machine for home, it must not be used if the cause of your pain is unidentified.
  • Administering this physiotherapy treatment to patients must be avoided on the patients who are wearing pacemakers or defibrillators.
  • TANYX should not be used in the following situations: during pregnancy (the safety of electrical stimulation in pregnant women has not been established); in painful circumstances brought on by appendicitis, gastralgia (stomach pain), hepatitis, etc.
Tanyx is a cordless and handheld pain relief device which is the best physiotherapy machine for home. Physical therapy sessions can last as long as necessary or as prescribed by your doctor, but use of TANYX for 20-minute sessions are typically sufficient for pain management. There is no risk of overdosing with this best physiotherapy machine for home. In contrast to many medications that require a referral from a doctor to prevent overdoses, the analgesic effect offered by this device may persist for hours, and it may be taken repeatedly without harm if the pain reappears.