Your body pain solution is only 4 clicks away

tanyx blog 11 | Your body pain solution is only 4 clicks away

Your body pain solution is only 4 clicks away

“No pain, no gain”, is a famous saying that we all have been following. However, not all the pain is good, and none of us likes it when it occurs. From fitness freaks and working mothers to aged people, all suffer from body pain at some point of their lives. Quick pain relief is always sought after, as we are usually preoccupied with other important tasks. Back pain and joint pain are common problems not only in aged people but among youngsters too. These can occur any time disrupting one’s well-being. With a variety of products for pain treatment to choose from in the market, it is necessary to understand the benefit and side effects of using them in the end. Harnessing the science behind feeling pain, TENS technology significantly impedes pain signals from reaching our brains. Tanyx Proeffect is a device that utilizes this technology for quick pain relief.

Pain treatment with only four buttons

  • Power button - Just like your phone’s on/off button, the device comes with an indicator light backed power button. Press it for 2 seconds and it starts blinking.
  • Control level buttons - Have you seen how easy is to change a table fan’s speed? Just choose the intensity: high, medium and low, and the air around you starts cooling. With the same level of ease and control, the Tanyx Proeffect relieves your pain without you having to worry about connecting to a plug point and stay in a stationary mode. Choose any button according to your comfort from three levels and get quick pain relief.
  • Adhesive pads- All of us have used Band-Aid before. We are used to removing the papers and pasting it over our wounds. Now, the Tanyx Proeffect device can be used similarly by removing the upper skin and putting it over the affected pain area using the device’s adhesive pads.

Why choose Tanyx Proeffect?

  • For all age groups - Are you someone who is constantly outdoors? You would want something just like your wristwatch, which you can sport when you are on the go. Tanyx Proeffect is ideal for everyone with a fast-paced lifestyle. Even if you are an athlete or a gym trainer, Tanyx Proeffect can be conveniently applied to relieve back pain, joint pain or any muscle pain that have the high potential to occur frequently. Simply use it for a few minutes and get quick pain relief. Another common problem with most aged people is their inability to move and travel distances for medical treatments. Body pain, then, is treated mostly using addictive drugs or through surgery.
  • No problems of overdose - Some people complain about becoming immune to a specific medicine after its intake is frequent. Sometimes, in absence of a doctor’s prescription, people usually end up with an overdose. The best solution for such a common issue would be using an external device such as the Tanyx Proeffect. You can use it whenever and wherever you want to. For instance, if you are at the gym and have somehow sprained your lower back during your regular workout session, just use it for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Though joint pain, back pain or pain in any specific body muscle may arise out of strain or tension issues, its quick treatment is needed. Maintaining posture, exercising regularly and avoiding stress-free activities are some of the preventive measures we should take.

A technological intervention, Tanyx Proeffect ensures quick pain relief. Easy-to-use and carry, it is a must-have device for anyone who wants pain relief without fear of any side- effects or overdose. Relieve your body pain quickly with Tanyx Proeffect that is available at