Why Tanyx is the back pain relief device you need.

tanyx blog 2 | why tanyx is the back pain relief device

Are you constantly suffering from lower back pain? Are you tired of medicines that numb not only the pain but your life too? Do you want to know a cure for this prickling pain that does not cost a fortune? We have pain relief product for lower back pain. Read this blog to know more about our product Tanyx. Tanyx is a T.E.N.S technology-based physiotherapy pain relief product that stimulates the affected pain area by sending electrical impulses to the mind in place of pain impulses and gives you the instant pain relief that will help you in the long run.


Who wouldn’t love an electrical pain relief device that is available both online and offline? Not only that, let’s just say it is amongst very few lower back pain relief products out there. One unit costs as low as ₹2499.

Easy to Use

Tanyx is medically approved by major medical associations like US FDA, The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency(Anvisa) and Underwriters Laboratories. This is a study device that comes with 2 adhesive reusable gel pads which can be used on the lower back to ease lower back pain relief. The ease of use and accessibility of Tanyx is something we are proud of. You will find it at your nearest pharmacy store or you can simply order Tanyx from our official website and get good discounts.

Tanyx- a Self Applicable Product

Be it joint pains, menstrual cramps, bruises or tendinitis pain, just apply Tanyx and you will get instant relief from lower back pain. The process of using is it so easy, it is self-applicable which makes it the best product in the market.

No Side Effects

Although Tanyx can do wonders on the affected area within 20 minutes of usage. It is proven by experts and leading medical researchers, there’s no side effect of over dosage. So you don’t have to worry if you doze off without switching off the device.

Ready-to-Use Product

As the name suggests, you do not have to make any additional efforts, just put the adhesive gel pads on the affected areas and sit back while Tanyx does its job. Not only is it ready to use, but also it is durable too, it lasts 20 minutes per session for 30 sessions. Do you even want any more affirmations after all these qualities? Just remember, you CAN turn off pain without medicine. Try Tanyx for lower back pain relief and to live a happy and pain-free life.