Get Period Pain Relief Device and Bid Adieu to Period Cramps

get pain relief device and Bid adieu to menstrual cramps

Are you scared whenever your menstrual days are approaching? It is understandable for these days can be difficult for women. With heavy bleeding, discomfort, mood swings and sharp pangs of pain, your life is likely to go haywire. Whether you stay indoors or choose to go to work, period cramp may compromise your mobility and cause productivity to fall sharply.

get period pain relief device and Bid adieu to menstrual cramps

Who will help you when you are in pain?

Remedies to ease this dull gnawing pain are well known. However, arranging for these during the debilitating period cramp may be inconvenient.

Warm baths & hot pads- Not all women prefer taking a bath during the initial days of their menses. Electric heating pads need careful handling as they work with continuous energy supply. In case you opt for hot water bags, the problem is that they stay warm for limited period – barely an hour. Waking up repeatedly to fill your bag while in pain can be annoying and inconvenient.

get period pain relief device and Bid adieu to menstrual cramps

Drugs -Painkillers look like the easiest solution. However, our bodies tend to develop immunity against these medicines when they are consumed too frequently. And then the pills stop helping in any period pain relief. Besides, women suffering from asthma, epilepsy or high blood pressure may be allergic to painkillers.

Stay independent- Use Tanyx Proeffect Period Pain Relief Device

Family support is crucial these days. For women living on their own, period cramp can be difficult to handle when there is no one to look after them. We need a period pain relief device for period cramp that requires minimum effort and is convenient to use. TENS technology-based Tanyx Proeffect Pain Relief Device can be your best friend during period cramp.

Improves quality of rest –It is difficult to relax when you’re in pain – you often end up tossing and turning on the bed during your periods. Tanyx Proeffect is a quick pain relief device for period cramp without any side effects. Drug-free and easy to use, you can keep it near your bed and apply to the abdominal area, lower back and thighs whenever the pain arises.



get period pain relief device and Bid adieu to menstrual cramps

Ideal for an office environment - Do you seek hot pads during office hours? The big bags are difficult to handle while you are working. Visiting the washroom repeatedly in pain is a tiresome task and carrying the bag all the time seems unsuitable. What can be better than a quick pain relief solution that works even while you are going for meetings or to the washroom? Tanyx Proeffect can be applied near the painful area, and you can continue focusing on your work.

Life waits for no one, unfortunately, not even when we are on our painful period. Hence, a pain relief treatment is required which can help us through these smoothly. Keeping our body hydrated and performing exercises are some common remedies. However, in the case of unbearable pain, we need something for which we do not have to get up from the bed or need anyone else’s help. Tanyx Proeffect is a tiny device for period cramp, which can be used on the painful area whenever required. Avail the benefits of the device at

A simple solution that can help you with quick pain relief without interfering in your work intensive routine can be your best sports accessory. Ideal for any type of sports person and irrespective of age, the device offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Pain treatment in few minutes - TENS technology based Tanyx Proeffect helps in period pain relief within few minutes of application. After a hectic training session, if you suffer from joint pain, back pain or pain in any body part, Tanyx Proeffect can be easily applied to the affected area without any fear of over dosage or side effects.
  • Fits your schedule anywhere - The device can be conveniently put while you are waiting for your turn outside the match or just before your practice session. Using Tanyx Proeffect for quick pain relief, Brazilian forward player, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior kept the hopes high after he seemed injured before a match with Columbia for quarterfinals of World Cup 2014.
get period pain relief device and Bid adieu to menstrual cramps