Painkillers have side effects: Here’s how you can avoid them

tanyx blog 8 | Painkillers have side effects: Here’s how you can avoid them

Body pains are common and most of us experience them frequently. The general causes are overworked muscles, incorrect posture, injury, or nerve disorders like sciatica. Popping pills is a ‘seemingly’ logical option and action, despite most of us knowing that these have side-effects. From causing nausea, vomiting, seizures, hallucinations to sexual dysfunction and liver damage, these pain-killers can have a serious impact on our bodies.

It’s more worrisome if you suffer from chronic pains, as then ingesting these pills would be a regular affair. Regular consumption of pain-killers makes you immune to them, as a result of which, you tend to increase their dosage for some much-needed relief. Thus, leading to overdose that in turn is more harmful.

So, what shall be done?

The answer is, use electroceuticals – also known as bioelectronic medicines. By using mild electrical currents, certain ailments are cured without one having to resort to oral medication. While pacemakers for the heart, cochlear implants for the ears and deep-brain stimulation for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease are some common examples, there have been quite a few more advancements made in bioelectronic medicine, particularly in pain management.

How does this technology work?

Bioelectric medicine uses electrical simulation to modify bodily functions. In other words, they are devices that are capable of changing the electrical messages sent along the nerves by altering their course or simply blocking them.TENS units are one of the successful examples of bioelectrical medicine. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. These devices have electrodes attached to them that need to be pasted to the skin of the affected area. From these electrodes mild currents are transmitted that aim at stimulating the nerves carrying pain signals to the brain. When these pain signals don’t reach the brain, the patient doesn’t feel the pain.

Introducing…Tanyx Proeffect

The Tanyx Proeffect device is a leading TENS technology-based product that can be conveniently applied at home. This device can be obtained easily without prescription. Moreover, it is a much healthier and economical alternative to long-term drug treatment of chronic pain. This FDA-approved electroceutical device has quite a few advantages as opposed to pain-relieving drugs. While it is non-addictive, its overdose is not harmful either. Also, it does not have any unwanted side-effects that you might suffer due to ingesting antibiotics. Ranging from lower back pain, knee pain and neck pain to post-surgery pain, and in common pain areas including calves, ankles and arms, the Tanyx Proeffect device comes with three different levels of intensities that you can easily adjust.

To use it, you don’t even need any help as it can simply be pasted on the skin of the affected area, much like a band-aid. Unlike other TENS units, it is highly portable and disposable once the batteries dose off.

  • Dysmenorrhea: Also known as the painful period of menstrual cramps, it occurs in women during the onset of menstruation. One of the major symptoms of it is lower abdominal pain. According to a study done using the TanyxProeffect device, it was quite effective in relieving pain. The study was done to check whether the quality of life of women who had dysmenorrhea became better. The parameters to check were one’s ability to get out of bed, food intake, following daily activities and the quality of their sleep. The ones who used this device on their lower abdominal region for a 30-minute-duration at an interval of eight- hours for a week experienced no unpleasant side-effects and got benefit on all the above- mentioned parameters.

  • Low Back Pain: This is a common condition that affects the lower part of the spine. With the study of 24 patients who suffered from this condition, the TanyxProeffect device was given to them for a period of two-weeks and it was applied twice daily. Among the main parameters taken into consideration was the improved or worsened capacity to perform physical activities. The quality of sleep was another parameter. The ones who suffered from low back pain caused by external physical injuries could see a significant reduction of pain after the application of the device. These patients could perform their daily physical activities better and their sleep cycles also improved.

    While these are some of the ailments that have been successfully treated, it can be used for many more ailments. It can be safely said that this electroceutical device is the future of pain-relieving medicine.