Must have pain relief device in your sports bag

tanyx blog 12 | Must have pain relief device in your sports bag

If you are a sportsperson, you definitely know how important meeting your goals is. You are determined to keep up your performance even with strict schedules and intensive practice sessions. However, you may face pain in different parts of your body. The ultimate goal even when in pain is to perform your best. With such a passion, muscle cramps and aches have to be dealt with quick treatment.

Are the usual pain treatment solutions convenient?

For pain treatment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Ranging from skin patches, drugs to injections, a sports enthusiast would want to seek quick pain relief. Not all the available pain relief solutions are suitable for all conditions

Skin Patches - Do you have long hours as free time to recover from pain? A skin patch generally takes hours and sometimes, even days to take effect. To apply one, cleaning and drying your hands can be a tedious process right after coming back from field. It may also cause swelling and burning sensation, which can be irritating while playing. Also, you cannot forget that when it is applied to your skin, you may risk an overdose.

Drugs - Taking pills is hard to remember when you are busy focusing on the game. With your stringent diet, these medicines may upset your stomach or make you feel dizzy. Who would like to go to the field with nausea or a dizzy head?

Therapy sessions - Muscle cramps and aches may take time to heal. Physiotherapies and massage exercises too are time-consuming solutions. You have to perform and the game cannot wait but a therapy session can!

Choose the best solution- Tanyx Proeffect

A simple solution that can help you with quick pain relief without interfering in your work intensive routine can be your best sports accessory. Ideal for any type of sportsperson and irrespective of age, the device offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Pain treatment in few minutes - TENS technology based Tanyx Proeffect helps in pain relief within few minutes of application. After a hectic training session, if you suffer from joint pain, back pain or pain in any body part, Tanyx Proeffect can be easily applied to the affected area without any fear of over dosage or side effects.
  • Fits your schedule anywhere - The device can be conveniently put while you are waiting for your turn outside the match or just before your practice session. Using Tanyx Proeffect for quick pain relief, Brazilian forward player, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior kept the hopes high after he seemed injured before a match with Columbia for quarterfinals of World Cup 2014.
  • Does not interfere with game - With no need to remember swallowing painkillers, the device is a handy solution for quick pain relief. You can put Tanyx Proeffect in short intervals of breaks from your game and even while chatting with your teammate. Thanks to the device, an ankle sprain could not hold back midfielder Paulinho from playing for Brazil in semifinals of Confederations Cup group stage.

You cannot escape from body pain as a sports enthusiast. It is an inevitable part of your time on and off field. Resorting to time-consuming options is both inconvenient and irritating. Serious muscle cramps and aches can be disturbing when there is a match in the next hour and you are facing pain. Simply, avoid such uncomfortable and unneeded breaks using Tanyx Proeffect. You can put it in your sports bag and wear it as soon as pain hits you. Free from any side effects, the Tanyx Proeffect is a device to keep with you anywhere and anytime. Go get the device to avail its benefits at