Here's how to use Tanyx in three simple steps

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Cervicalgia, Fibromyalgia, Dysmenorrhea, ever wondered how you can ease the pain of these physical conditions without spending a whole lot of money and your precious time? Don’t worry we have come up with our device called “Tanyx”, a self applicable product that has the ability to ease off the pain and give instant relief. Tanyx is a T.E.N.S technology-based physiotherapy device. Our product is USFDA registered, acknowledged by almost all leading medical research projects such as European Journal, United States patent etcetera. To mitigate pain caused during these physical conditions we have briefly discussed three simple steps, you can simply follow them and see the results from the very first session itself.

Peel of the Gel Pads

Tanyx is a really simple product to use, peel off the gel pad’s protective cover and place it carefully on the respective electrode of Tanyx, repeat the same with the other and put it directly on the affected area. Gel pads used in Tanyx are really good, stick perfectly on the skin and don't have any harmful side effects post usage. You can also use it on the softer As it has zero drug usage while making.

Put it on the affected area

After peeling off the gel pads and putting them on the affected pain area, and press the power button for 3 seconds and choose your desired intensity level and Tanyx will start emitting electric stimulation as per your convenience choose the intensity level from the given three buttons: “L” which denotes low transfer intensity, “M”, denotes Medium and “H” stands for the highest intensity level of Tanyx. You can also choose from continuous to middling stimulation of the product by pressing the on/off button once and you can go back to the previous mode by pressing the same button for 1 second.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Pain in different parts of your body doesn’t require any specific application process it works perfectly well on any part of the body You can put it on your neck, ankle and also right under your navel and will give you relief from menstrual pain, Tanyx is a trusted menstrual pain relief device. After choosing your desired intensity of stimulation, the only thing you have to do now is to sit back and let Tanyx do wonders for you.