Be free from pain, even when you have arthritis

tanyx blog 6 | Be free from pain, even when you have arthritis

Seeing your parents suffer because of arthritis pain is upsetting. You always look out for the best pain relief treatment for them. The sad truth is that there are more than 100 types of arthritis pain that appear as you age. Patients suffer from pain, swelling and stiffness. Going to a nearby grocery shop begins to feel like a daunting task. Small activities such as pulling up socks, standing in the kitchen for a few hours or even sleeping in one position may become troublesome. Added to that are the stimulants to pain such as cold weather, stress and repetitive body motion that are beyond your control. Yes, arthritis pain can reduce the quality of life profoundly.

Some not-so-effective solutions

There are various conventional methods to relieve arthritis pain. However, these come with limitations and often interrupt daily chores.

Hot & cold therapy - People suffering from arthritis pain seek easy solutions such as hot & cold therapy, long warm showers or baths, especially in the morning. However, these require the patient to invest a lot of time and effort. After all, it is difficult to take multiple showers each day, every time the pain appears. For hot & cold therapy also, one needs heating pads and ice packs that can be difficult to arrange all the time.

Creams - Some people use pain relief creams. However, these can be addictive and may cause skin irritation on repetitive use.

Drugs - Painkillers are among the most-used solutions for arthritis pain treatment. However, their frequent use may create more health issues such as blood thinning and stomach problems.

Exercise - Though exercising is a solution for keeping the body parts moving and active, too much of it may worsen the stiffness. Most patients suffer from sore body parts or swelling after exercise. Then they have to go for rest, which means a break from everyday chores, leading to upset schedules.

Tanyx Proeffect – a pain relief treatment to keep handy

The pain can come at anytime. You may find yourself waking up at night due to pain, or feel your bones grating when you walk to your office. In all these situations, immediate paintreatmentis required. Using TanyxProeffect provides you with that extra edge on pain relief by using TENS technology. Small sessions, big relief - When you are in excruciating pain, your mind seeks the quickest painreliefsolution. Putting TanxyProeffect - a simple device that is designed to reduce pain on the affected area for 20 minutes may help you with quick pain relief. You can go for multiple sessions, according to your comfort level.Uncompromised life - Be it your social life or personal life, you should make no compromise due to the inevitable arthritis pain. For instance, working in the garden with your kids should not be a daunting task for you. Neither should a light couple-yoga session. Applying TanyxProeffect immediately after such physical activities helps you live your life to fullest. All you need to remember is to carry the device in your pocket. The best part is that comes with easy-to-use adhesive pads so you can even wear it while moving.

Arthritis pain is difficult to deal with. Stress following from the pain can be disturbing and should be prevented with quick pain relief treatment. Doing yoga or avoiding inflammation-triggering food items are preventive measures, but the pain may still appear in the middle of your work. Using Tanyx Proeffect helps in quick pain relief without causing any inconvenience or interference in your social or personal relationships. Avail the benefits of the device now. It is available at