Back pain: Problems we know but solution we don’t

tanyx blog 9 | Back pain: Problems we know but solution we don’t

Back pain is something we all know about and get scared by the very thought of it. Unknowingly, we may face such pain when we try to stretch harder during a yoga position or try lifting a heavy object. An undesirable back ache can even occur when we are carrying a heavy bag and standing in a long queue. Sometimes, a severe back pain can also be caused by sleeping in awkward positions for long periods on our mattresses that do not support the spine properly. Obviously, such pain will affect your sleeping cycle.

Common back pain solutions and their associated issues

We always look for a quick back pain solution when it occurs and sometimes, the alternatives we know do not work or they are too time-consuming. Mentioned below are some examples of the usual back pain treatments that are not effective every time, be it circumstances or lack of proper knowledge:

  • While exercising is recommended to strengthen core muscles, doing it without a physical therapist’s suggestions during pain may worsen the condition.
  • Applying warm compress or ice packs on an affected area is a possible solution for pain relief but, it may require someone’s help. While you are sitting at office for hours or have worked out heavily at the gym, it is not a very viable option to seek help from others.
  • Applying oils and ointments on the lower back is thought to be a common pain relief solution. However, they cause an unwanted skin itch, especially if you are allergic to some chemicals.
  • Relaxation massages are usually sought after during low back pain. However, they can be quite expensive and you may run the risk of not calling a profession massage therapist, which can worsen the situation for you. You may even have to take more leaves from work.
  • Acupuncture sessions need an expert’s supervision and require multiple appointments. These take a lot of time that most of us do not have. Also, many are afraid of needles and such sessions may not be best suited for all.
  • Seeking analgesics may not be the best option in the end when back pain occurs several times and in short intervals. Those suffering with kidney problems or stomach ulcers need to be extra cautious of back pain relief medicines, as they may cause damage in the future.

So, without disturbing our daily routine, we need a back pain treatment that can provide quick pain relief. Pain treatment of the back while doing everyday chores should not be a scary thought to anyone.

A convenient solution to treat back pain - Tanyx Proeffect

  • Ideal at all times - TENS technology-based Tanyx Proeffect helps in back pain relief by sparing you from needing someone’s help in painful times. It does not require any expert vision. Free from any side effects, it suppresses the stimulation of pain signals and relieves the pain within a few minutes of application. It is a small device that can stick to your back as and when required, even when you are on the move.
  • Time saving - Would you immediately like to go for a doctor when back pain hits you after moving heavy furniture? Of course, you would want to escape time-consuming activities or consultations. While rest is important when you suffer from backaches, unproductive hours that the pains throw can be effectively ignored with Tanyx Proeffect. Long massage or acupuncture sessions can also be avoided by a few minutes’ sessions with this device. Clinically proven, the treatment with Tanyx Proeffect also improves quality of sleep when you suffer from backaches.

Back pain can be really disturbing and difficult to deal with, especially with busy lifestyles. For treatment of back pain, you need a handy solution that requires minimum effort. Tanyx Proeffect not only aids you in lone situations but is also a better alternative when you have no time from your demanding work schedule. Applying it over the back is a few minutes deal, which helps you avoid the uncomfortable scenarios. Do not let back pain interfere with your life. Visit to relieve back pain today with Tanyx Proeffect.