A quick fix to your pain at workplace

tanyx blog 10 | A quick fix to your pain at workplace

Have you ever felt a sudden pang of pain when your hand reaches your shoulders during work? Workplaces can take a heavy toll on your muscles and joints. A job that needs you to sit for long hours can be hazardous to your body, especially when you cannot take small breaks. Since most of the work is done on computers, from communicating to researching, the small machine in your 9 to 5 job is a monster consuming your body with muscle pain leaving you with aches by end of the day. Sometimes, you end up feeling fatigued and you forget the pain when you have to submit an urgent assignment.

Common solutions

Back pain and joint pain are common problems among office goers and they search for instant pain relief solutions. Exercising at regular intervals, keeping the spine straight and correcting the wrist position while holding the keyboard and mouse are some remedies. How well do we remember our resolutions? No matter how much we try to take care of our posture and take regular breaks to avoid back pain or joint pain, the inevitable work pressure can devastate all the resolutions not just once but every day. All of us know this feeling. We leave office but muscle aches travel back with us to home. To seek quick pain relief, we cannot leave our work midday every time it occurs. Already burdened with work, taking out time for exercising is also difficult.

Saviour at office- Tanyx Proeffect

We need a solution that works without leaving us with a feeling of time waste, be it with doctor consultations or exercising. Whether it is pain on the wrist or shoulders, Tanyx Proeffect can help in quick pain relief without hampering work. In exhausting situations, this device can be your go-to solution.

Here are the five reasons why you should keep Tanyx Proeffect handy at your workplace:

  • When you have no time to exercise - Most professionals do not have time to take out from their work schedules. With pain in body, it might be both difficult and inconvenient to find a place to perform stretching exercises.
  • Can be used in your busy schedule - Clock always ticks faster as important meetings approach. Tanyx Proeffect takes as much time as your alarm clock takes to be set. Just place it on the pain area and zip-zap go!

  • Non-conventional solution - Why go for conventional pain treatment solutions such as pills or relaxants when portable technology is the modern breakthrough? TENS technology based Tanyx Proeffect is the ideal solution for quick pain relief for all professionals at all workplace environments.
  • Wearable anywhere - Carrying previous day’s pain to the next day in office is a horrible situation to deal with. It disturbs the workflow. Using the device while commuting to or from office is a gift in busy and ever running schedules.
  • Improves productivity - Why let either pain or pain treatment interfere in your work life? Severe muscle aches may hamper your productivity to great extent. You can avoid such a situation using Tanyx Proeffect, which does not let you feel pain and let your day go smoothly.

Most of us spend maximum hours of our day in office. Muscle aches should not hamper our most productive time of the day. Tanyx Proeffect is the most convenient pain relief solution for office environments. Taking breaks and exercising are not viable options every time. Tanyx Proeffect is the best colleague to any professional who seeks quick pain relief treatment. Available at www.tanyx.in, use this suitable product for pain relief.