5 Benefits of Using Physiotherapy Tens Machine

benefits of physiotherapy tens machine

5 Benefits of Using Physiotherapy Tens Machine

To lessen, treat or possibly get rid of acute or chronic pain in different parts of the body, a world-class TENS-based technology machine is available in the market i.e. Tanyx. This physiotherapy tens machine functions by emitting electrical signals that the operator recognises and regulates. The neuronal transmission of pain from the body to the brain is thought to be interfered with by electronic signals, which are thought to regulate the pain with its regular use.
The physiotherapy tens machine is a handy and disposable method of treating pain in the lower back, shoulder, knee, joints, muscles, and other areas of the body. It eases neck and cervical pain, and it may even be helpful in cases of menstrual cramps. Since it doesn't include any drugs, it acts organically and safely.


Advantages of Using Tanyx- Physiotherapy Tens Machine

  1. Pain Relief without Medication: To relieve the ache in their bodies, many people continue to take medications and painkillers. However, using a physiotherapy tens machine elicits the body's natural endorphin response, which helps the body quickly begin healing and relieve pain.
  2. Affordable Pain Relief Solution: Many wellness products in the market are rather expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Compared to alternative options, this physiotherapy tens machine is substantially more affordable and beneficial.
  3. Increased Circulation & Healing: Tanyx also interferes with or interrupts brain-to-nerve communication, which helps to improve local blood circulation and boosts functioning.
  4. Improved Sleep Patterns: With less pain, your body can unwind without worrying about the pain or night time spasms. As a result, one of the benefits of using this physiotherapy tens machine is that your sleep quality will improve overtime.
  5. Benefits for Spasms & Knots: You may untangle your knotted, strained muscles using the equipment. Due to its pain-relieving properties, it is among the best treatments for helping with spasms and knots.

Additional Features

  • Tanyx is a cutting-edge instrument which is ideal for home use.
  • Number of companies offer Tens units as massages and painkillers with varying degrees of intensity depending on how you choose to cure your muscles internally. Tanyx is proven to be number one.
  • This physiotherapy tens machine controls blood flow, generates heat, and maintains joint health.
  • To make sure they have ready access to pain relief all throughout the day, people can even carry Tanyx units in their pockets or clip them to belts.
  • It is a clinically proven product - USFDA, ANVISA BRAZIL, CE and UL.
  • This physiotherapy tens machine is a disposable, compact product that is highly economical and safer than painkillers as it does not have any adverse effects.
  • This device is simple to handle and use, and it doesn't need a doctor's supervision. 
Tanyx is the first portable pain-relieving tool ever to receive US-FDA approval. It uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. It is a small equipment that uses
low-voltage electric currents to alleviate pain.